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Basler Zeit

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In recent years, FC Basel has become a football power of international calibre. As a team, they have learned to impress on a European level just as much as they do at home and are responsible for adding an increasing number of important names to the football canon. This success is very much a homemade one, built up over long years of painstaking work and supported by the team's ever-loyal fans. It's a story one can rightfully be proud of - and a story that inspires.

One of those to be inspired is Dave, and he has turned his enthusiasm into art. For the club's 120th anniversary, he has created a work of art which has been signed by all FCB players of the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 seasons.

The sculpture, which is about 2.3 metres high and bears the title "Basler Zeit" (Basel's time), is adorned with hundreds of historical photographs showing the development of the town and the club since 1893 in loving detail. It is a spectacular monument for both the town and the team, and especially for the club's fans. The signatures of the players also make it a worthy tribute to the success of today, as well as to some of the most remarkable players of the club's more recent history - including some whose personal Basel time has already come to an end: Xherdan Shaqiri for one is represented, just as Alex Frei or FCB legends Beni Huggel and Scott Chipperfield are.

120 years - 120 pictures

In addition to the sculpture, 120 individual pictures on canvas have been produced, which have also been signed individually by all the players of the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 seasons.

Each of the pictures symbolises a different year of the club's history and is numbered accordingly - beginning with the year 1893. Every single one of them is thus an absolutely unique souvenir of Basel's times gone by. These pictures have been created in order to allow the club's fans to take part in this anniversary by owning a part of this proud story for themselves. They are distributed by FC Basel for CHF 3600.- each.

(Width: 100cm, height: 75cm, canvas on a wooden frame, individually hand-signed by the artist and the players)

Further information:

Telephone: 061 375 10 10
Email: corinne.eglin@fcb.ch


"Basler Zeit" is on public display at Basler Kantonalbank, Spiegelgasse (Basel) from April 19th to May 24th 2013, along with selected other works by Dave.